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Carbondale, Illinois DUI, and criminal attorney Brian Roberts serves people charged with crimes, seeking an Illinois Expungement or seeking an Illinois divorce attorney in Carbondale, Il and surrounding areas.  Regardless of what you have been charged with, or what you are facing in an Illinois divorce, Brian Roberts can help you best protect your interests, and help you understand the possible and probable outcomes of your legal problems.

There are some websites specifically designed to complain about Pulaski County, Illinois speeding tickets, and other traffic violations.  It is evident that the police in Pulaski County are serious about stopping speeding and other traffic offenses through their county.  Yet, just because you have been ticketed in Pulaski County does not mean you are guilty, or that you have to necessarily even return for your court date.  We encourage you to visit the county page of the county you were charged in, or have a legal matter pending to learn more about how we can help you.

Mr. Roberts focuses his practice in matters involving family law, traffic, criminal defense, Expungement, and Illinois DUI cases.  While no attorney can guarantee the outcome of a particular case, when you contact Mr. Roberts and discuss the circumstances of your case and hire him to represent you, he will be able to give you a good idea of how cases such as yours are typically resolved.  Every case is different to some extent, and the outcome of one case does not guarantee that you will receive an identical outcome.  Your outcome will depend on the quality of the attorney you hire to represent you, the facts and circumstances of your case, and the law that applies to your case.  Contact Mr. Roberts right now for a confidential case evaluation.