Williamson County

Marion, IL DUI Attorney

Marion, IL DUI attorney Brian Roberts understands how difficult and confusing an arrest can be for people unfamiliar with the court system.  An arrest can have a long lasting effect on your life even if you are eventually found not guilty.  Marion, IL DUI attorney Brian Roberts can explain the lifelong consequences to a Williamson County, IL DUI arrest when you contact him for a confidential case evaluation.

Marion, IL DUI arrests requires your appearance in court.  Your first court date is called an arraignment.  During the arraignment the judge will ask you if you have an attorney, and if you have the funds to hire an attorney.  You will be allowed to plead guilty or not guilty, but if you fail to enter a plea, the judge will typically enter a plea of not guilty on your behalf.  If you fail to appear for that court date, and do not have an attorney of record for that date, a warrant will be issued for your arrest.  Whether you will be required to appear depends on a number of factors that Brian Roberts will explain to you during your initial consultation.

An Illinois DUI is a serious charge, and a conviction will effect your future.  Many rental car companies will not rent to someone convicted of a DUI, you may be disqualified from certain employment opportunities, and may face a significant battle if you ever seek to obtain a professional license.  You should never simply plead guilty to an alcohol related charge without the assistance of a highly skilled Marion, IL DUI attorney, such as Brian Roberts.

If you are in need of other legal services such as a Marion, IL Divorce attorney, or criminal defense attorney for misdemeanor or felony charges, contact Brian Roberts for a confidential case evaluation.  While you often have the right to represent yourself, it is never a good idea to do so.  Contact Brian today.