BAC Testing

BAC Testing

BAC testing is generally performed by breath testing in a DUI in Illinois.  BAC stands for breath alcohol testing.  While many people believe that BAC testing is infallible, Carbondale, IL DUI attorney Brian Roberts wants you to know the truth.  This page will give you an understanding of how BAC testing works, and what you need to know in order to protect yourself if you are under an IL DUI investigation.

BAC Testing is accomplished by having you blow into a breath testing machine.  There are both handheld and desktop machines.  The handheld machines are called preliminary breath testers, or PBT machines, and are less reliable than a mandatory breath test machine.  The Illinois State Police has a downloadable manual for the testing of breath, blood and urine for alcohol and other intoxicating compounds.

You are not required to submit to the PBT test.  The PBT result will likely only give the police further probable cause to arrest you even if you are not intoxicated.  You should contact Carbondale, IL criminal attorney Brian Roberts before agreeing to take the Illinois PBT test.

You are required to take the mandatory DUI breath test in Illinois or face harsher consequences if you are found guilty of a DUI in IL.  The police are not required to allow you to speak to an attorney before you decide to take or refuse a mandatory breath test.  That does not mean, however, that you should necessarily agree to take the mandatory breath test.

If you refuse the mandatory breath test the officer may apply for a warrant to seize a sample of your blood.  If the officer is given a warrant for your blood you do not have the legal right to refuse to provide such a sample.  If you do, you will be held down and the blood will be forcibly drawn from you, and you may face additional charges.  This is part of the No Refusal Weekend that many states and local governments are pushing in DUI cases.

If you have been arrested for a DUI in Illinois you should know how we defend people against false or artificially high breath test results.   You should also understand how breathalyzers work.  Most importantly, however, is you should immediately call Carbondale, IL DUI attorney Brian Roberts for a free, confidential case review.  You only have limited time to protect yourself against the automatic Illinois license suspensionBAC testing is not as reliable as you probably think, but it takes a skilled and trained DUI attorney to defend against a high BAC test result.  Contact us right now!