Blood Alcohol Test Defenses

Blood Alcohol Test Defenses

IL DUI attorney Brian Roberts is trained in all facets of Illinois DUI defense.  One of the most challenging tasks for IL DUI attorneys is to pick the best defense to blood alcohol result.  The best defense often depends on several factors including, 1) what type of BAC test was administered, 2) your medical history, 3) the time between when you stopped drinking alcohol and your BAC was tested, 4) the procedures used to take your BAC sample, and many more.

There are three types of BAC testing performed on IL DUI suspects.  The IL DUI breath test is the most common because it is the fastest and least expensive form of testing.  The IL DUI blood draw is the second most common.  This requires the officer to instruct someone to draw your blood and then send it off for laboratory testing.  The IL DUI urine sample is the third type of IL DUI BAC test.  This is the least common, and is rarely used as it is the least reliable form of DUI BAC testing.

Each type of IL DUI BAC testing has its own set of defenses, but there are some defenses that are common among them, including:

  • – No foundation for admission into evidence of the test result;
  • – Faulty, or non-certified testing instruments were used to test the specimen;
  • – The chain of custody cannot be proven (in blood and urine test cases);
  • – Improper collection or storing of the specimen (in blood and urine test cases);
  • – Failure to follow scientifically reliable, or legally required procedures for testing the specimen;
  • – Failure to properly calibrate the machine used for testing;
  • – Testing machine had not been regularly tested in accordance with Illinois law;
  • – Test operator was not qualified to perform the test that was performed in your case;
  • – The test sample was contaminated or cross-contaminated before or during the test process (in blood and urine test cases);
  • – The test results did not take into account medical conditions that can mimic alcohol during the testing process.

Knowing which of these, or other blood alcohol test defense to use in your case requires the learning and experience that only comes from committing yourself to training on a continuing basis.  The Illinois DUI defense attorneys at the Brian Roberts Law firm are committed to defending people charged with a DUI in Illinois, and continually train and teach other attorneys about the best Illinois DUI defenses.

If you have been arrested for a DUI in Illinois you need an IL DUI attorney committed to staying on top of the latest training available for DUI attorneys in Illinois.  Contact Brian Roberts right now for a free, confidential case evaluation.  You have limited time to challenge the suspension of your driver’s license.  Don’t wait, contact us right now!