Blood Test for Alcohol

Blood Test for Alcohol

A growing number of DUI in Illinois cases are based on a blood test for alcohol.  For years, the breath test result was a key piece of evidence in Illinois DUI cases.  As more people began to understand that breath test results are rarely reliable more people began refusing to take a breath test.  Many Illinois police are beginning to apply for a warrant to draw your blood when you refuse the mandatory breath test.  Carbondale, IL DUI lawyer Brian Roberts wants you to understand the basis of these blood tests.

One of the biggest myths in an Illinois DUI blood case is that the results of the blood test are more reliable than any other form of DUI chemical testing.  This is simply false.  There are a number of things that can produce an artificially high BAC result in a blood test.  Our Blood Alcohol Test Defenses page explains many of these errors, and how we can expose them to a judge or jury.

The government’s marketing of the No Refusal Weekend has left many people with the impression that you cannot refuse a PBT, this is simply not true.  The No Refusal Weekend policy only applies to the Illinois DUI Mandatory breath test.

Some people will ask if there is a choice between Blood Test vs. Breath Test. You do not have the choice of whether to take a blood vs. breath test, but you can request an additional test at your own expense if you submitted to the test the police officer asked of you.

As DUI blood warrants (LINK: Blood Warrants) are on the rise it is important for you to understand your rights and responsibilities if you are told that the police have obtained a warrant to draw your blood.  You should never refuse to provide a sample of your blood if the police have told you that they have a warrant as you will likely face additional charges for such refusal, and may well jeopardize your health and safety as well.

Regardless of whether the police obtained your blood in an Illinois DUI case from a warrant, or by you voluntarily submitting to have a sample drawn from you, there are many ways to defend against these tests.  Carbondale, IL DUI lawyer Brian Roberts is well trained and experienced at defending people charged with an IL DUI based on evidence from a blood test for alcohol.  Contact him right now for a free, confidential case review.