Criminal Attorney in Illinois

Illinois Criminal Attorney

When you have been charged with any criminal offense or municipal ordinance violation such as a minor in possession of alcohol in Carbondale, IL, or anywhere in southern Illinois, then you need to call Illinois criminal attorney Brian Roberts immediately for a confidential case evaluation.

Minor in Possession

A Minor in possession of alcohol conviction can have lifelong consequences. Many people think that such a charge is a minor crime that only requires the paying of a small fine and serving time on probation, but the there are much more serious consequences. Read our Illinois Minor in Possession page to learn how a Minor in Possession of Alcohol in Illinois can be used to enhance any penalties you may face for other alcohol related crimes later in life.

Domestic Battery

An Illinois domestic battery charge is any intentional or knowing act that causes bodily harm or makes physical contact of an insulting or provoking nature, that is not legally justified. Under this definition, even a minor physical contact is an Illinois domestic battery if it involves two people who live in the same household or are of the same family. There are many defenses to an Illinois domestic battery charge. Contact our office to learn how we can defend you against these charges.

Drug Possession

An Illinois drug possession charge can have lifetime consequences. Every drug possession charge except marijuana possession under 30 grams is a felony in Illinois. Drug possession charges in Illinois require a careful review of the police procedures an actions that were used in arresting you. Many of these cases come down to whether you freely gave consent for the police to search you or your vehicle, or whether they had the legal justification to do so.


Theft charges in Illinois are usually fairly straightforward matters. Illinois theft laws forbids you from taking property that belongs to another person with the intent to use, conceal, abandon, or deprive the owner of the possession. The most common defenses for Illinois theft charges are that you did not intend to deprive someone else of their possessions without their knowledge and consent.

If you have been arrested for any of these crimes, or any other crime in Carbondale, IL or anywhere in Southern Illinois contact Illinois criminal attorney Brian Roberts immediately. We provide confidential case evaluations, and can help you sort through the often confusing Illinois court process.