Domestic Battery

Illinois Domestic Battery Attorney

An Illinois Domestic Battery charge carries lifetime consequences, and is a serious legal matter.  Under federal law, if you are convicted of a domestic battery charge in any state you will lose your right to possession firearms, or even ammunition.  Additionally, a conviction for an Illinois Domestic Battery will likely require to attend counseling and/or education programs.  If you are involved in a divorce or child custody dispute you will likely face losing custody, or at least primary custody, of your child.  Illinois criminal attorney Brian Roberts can help.  Contact him now for a confidential case evaluation.

Illinois domestic battery charges involve an intentional or knowing act that causes bodily harm or makes physical contact of an insulting or provoking nature, that is not legally justified.  That means that if you touch someone with whom you live, or someone of your family, and a judge or jury finds that you intentionally or knowingly caused that touch, and additionally finds that the touch was of an insulting or provoking nature, you will be convicted unless you had the legal right to do so.  For instance, if you playfully act like you were going to smack a family member, and they leaned in when you playfully acted like you were going to smack them, but instead of missing you actually did physically touch them, then the question becomes whether that touch was of an insulting or provoking nature.

There are countless other circumstances where you may need an Illinois criminal attorney to defend you against an domestic battery charge.  More and more Illinois divorce cases will have allegations of domestic battery.  Some people may feel that simply making the allegation of domestic battery will give them an upper hand in their Illinois divorce case.  The fact is, if the allegations are true, or you simply plead guilty without fighting the charges, the allegations may hurt you in the divorce case.  If, however, your Illinois divorce attorney can show the judge that the allegations were false, and simply made for strategic reasons, you will likely end up in a better position than you otherwise may have.

If you have been arrested for an Illinois Domestic Battery, call Illinois criminal attorney Brian Roberts right now for a confidential case evaluation.  If you or your spouse are also about to file for an Illinois divorce it is important that you be represented by an attorney who understands the law and nature of both Illinois domestic battery cases, and Illinois divorce cases.  Contact Mr. Roberts right now!