Minor in Possession of Alcohol

Illinois Minor in Possession of Alcohol

Carbondale, IL is home to thousands of college students.  Attorney Brian Roberts handles many Illinois Minor in Possession of Alcohol charges every month.  If you are under the age of 21 it is illegal to possess or consume alcohol.  If you have been arrested for an Carbondale, IL Minor in Possession of Alcohol charge, contact Brian right now for a free, confidential case evaluation.

If you are convicted of being a Minor in Possession of Alcohol in Illinois you face up to one year in jail, and fines of up to $2,500.  It would be rare indeed, for a first time offender to receive anything close to that maximum sentence, but it could happen in the right circumstances.  In addition to the jail time you may also be sentenced to:

  • – Court supervision for up to one year.
  • – Probation up to two years.
  • – Conditional discharge which would not require you to report to anyone, but would require you to obey all laws for a set time period.
  • – Restitution can be ordered if there is a victim that has experienced financial loss as a result of your case.
  • – Community service can be ordered.
  • – Work release may be allowed if you are ordered to spend any time in jail.  You would be released to work, but would be required to report back to the jail during your off work hours.
  • – Home detention could be ordered if you were sentenced to any jail time.  Again, this would be highly unlikely in a first time offense case.  You would only be permitted to leave your house for things like work, church, school, or other approved visits.

If you or someone you know has been arrested for an Illinois Minor in Possession of Alcohol charge contact Carbondale, IL attorney Brian Roberts right now for a free case evaluation.  He can help you avoid the harshest penalties of these charges.