Illinois Criminal Lawyer

Throughout this site we have provided you with specific and useful information on what you face when you are charged with an Illinois DUI, Carbondale Minor in Possession of Alcohol, and other crimes.  It is not realistic, however, for us to discuss every crime you could be charged with under Illinois law.  Carbondale, IL criminal lawyer Brian Roberts wants you to know, however, that we can represent you in any criminal matter from the simplest of crimes to the most complex crimes.

Just because you do not see a specific crime listed on this site does not mean that we will not represent you.  We have attempted to list the most common charges that calls for the help of a Carbondale, IL criminal lawyer.  If you do not see your crime listed on our site, go ahead and call us, or fill out the contact form.  We will provide you with a confidential evaluation, and help you understand the nature of the charges against you, as well as the common penalties for those charges.

Illinois criminal lawyer Brian Roberts is committed to helping people charged with violating the law anywhere in Southern Illinois.  Don’t wait until your court date to realize you need a skilled attorney to represent you.  The police and prosecutor can, and often do, continue to gather evidence against you even after you have been charged with a crime.  You need an attorney working to protect you during this crucial evidence gathering phase of a criminal prosecution.  Contact us right now!