Divorce in Illinois

Divorce Attorney in Illinois

When you find yourself in need of a divorce attorney in Illinois you need to contact Carbondale, IL divorce attorney Brian Roberts.  Brian has handled countless divorce cases in southern Illinois and has the knowledge and experience to help you navigate through your divorce to find the best result for you and your children.

Even the best divorces are often time consuming, and can lead to complex emotional, financial, and socially stressful times.  If both parties are willing, most divorces can be resolved amicably between the parties.  Even still, you need a skilled and experienced divorce attorney in Illinois to help you understand the long term consequences on the issues an Illinois divorce raise, and to protect your interests.

The three main issues in an Illinois divorce are property division, child custody and, spousal support. (LINK to Spousal Support Calculator in Illinois)  Carbondale, IL divorce attorney Brian Roberts will help you understand the law, and advise you of the things you need to consider before agreeing to any divorce settlement.

Courts are charged with finding a just and equitable division of assets in any divorce.  When children are involved they have to protect the best interests of the children.  It is usually better for you and your spouse to agree on the terms of the divorce through your respective attorneys, but that is not always possible.  Even when you do agree, the agreement cannot shock the consciousness of the court – it has to be fair and equitable.  It is the job of a divorce attorney in Illinois to show your judge how any settlement you may propose is fair and equitable.  We know the factors judges must consider, and which ones they cannot consider.

We understand that no divorce is a fun experience.  We will, however, try to reduce your stress during the legal proceedings, and in the future by explaining how the decisions made throughout the divorce will impact your future.  Although a quick divorce may sometimes be what is best for all parties, a complicated divorce should not be pushed through just to avoid the uncomfortable emotions of the proceedings. Doing so will hurt you more in the long run, and oftentimes, more in the short run as well.

Contact Carbondale, IL divorce lawyer Brian Roberts right now.  He will fight for your rights, and help ease your stress during this complicated time in your life.  He will fight for a fair and equitable settlement, and do all he can to help you move on with a productive life.