DUI Investigation

DUI Investigation

DUI Investigation
All Illinois DUI attorneys who have taken the Standardized Field Sobriety Test (SFST) training courses understand the importance of conducting a defense oriented Illinois DUI investigation as soon after an IL DUI arrest.  If you only rely on the police reports and testimony you will lose valuable evidence that contradicts the police version of events.

Illinois DUI investigations are broken down into three steps:  1) Vehicle in Motion, 2) Personal Contact, 3) Pre-Arrest Screening (Field Sobriety Testing).  Illinois DUI attorneys, however, have many more than three steps of a DUI investigation.  DUI attorneys have to evaluate a number of other factors, including:

Medical history


Traffic flow

Officer training

Officer history

Your activities on the day you were arrested

Chemical interference possibilities

Cellphone usage

Defense witnesses

And much, much more

When you hire IL DUI attorney Brian Roberts you will be asked a series of questions.  Some of these questions may seem insignificant, but legal cases turn on a collection of facts.  The more facts we can illicit from witnesses that explains what the officer claims to have observed during his encounter with you, the better our chances of showing the judge or jury that you were not intoxicated.

When you are charged with an IL DUI you need Carbondale, Illinois DUI attorney Brian Roberts representing you.  Mr. Roberts is a highly skilled and experienced IL DUI attorney who knows how to conduct an Illinois DUI investigation, and present those to your judge or jury.  Call now for a free consultation.