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Having an Illinois driver’s license is legally considered a privilege, not a right. There are several ways your Illinois driver’s license can be suspended or revoked. In some cases you may be eligible for a hardship or limited driving privilege. Our Illinois DUI attorneys understand the defenses and strategies behind defending yourIllinois driver’s license. Contact him right now for a free, no obligation consultation, or read the pages from the links below for more specific information about each topic.

Suspension vs. Revocation

People often use the term suspension and revocation interchangeably, but they have significantly different legal and practical differences. Illinois DUI attorneys understand, however, that these two terms have significant legal differences that can jeopardize your future. Learn about Suspension vs. Revocation.

Illinois ALR

Did you know that when you are arrested for an Illinois DUI you face both a civil action and a criminal charge? Most people have at least some idea of what a criminal charge entails, but the outcome of the civil case will determine whether your license is suspended or revoked following an IL DUI arrest. Our Illinois DUI attorneys will represent you in both the civil and criminal cases against you. Learn about the Illinois ALR process.

Out of State Licenses

You do not have to have an Illinois driver’s license in order for Illinois to suspend your driving privileges in Illinois. If you have been arrested for an Illinois DUI and you have a driver’s license issued from another state you will likely face both an Illinois driver’s license suspension, and a suspension from your home state. Reduce your chances of a multi-state license suspension when you have been arrested for a DUI in IL.

Commercial Driver’s License

Special rules apply to IL CDL holders who are arrested for an IL DUI. You need to be represented by Illinois DUI attorney Brian Roberts if you hold a CDL from any state and are arrested for a DUI in IL. A strong defense at the IL DUI Commercial Driver’s License hearing is your best chance at retaining your driver’s license, and your job.

DUI Insurance Rates

One of the longest lasting financial hardships of an IL DUI conviction is the DUI insurance rates. People convicted of a DUI in IL face a much higher insurance rate for an extended time. Learn about IL DUI Insurance rates.

Our Illinois DUI attorneys are available for free consultations. Either complete the contact form, or call us right now for a confidential case review. Our attorneys are highly trained, and highly skilled at representing people charged with a DUI in IL. You have limited time to challenge your Illinois license suspension. Contact us now!