Illinois DUI Attorney

Illinois DUI Attorney

Illinois DUI Attorney Brian Roberts wants you to understand the challenges you face when you are arrested for a DUI in Illinois.  An Illinois DUI case can be among the most difficult types of criminal cases to defend.  Every aspect of a DUI arrest is based on science in one form or another.  From the moment the officer first observed your vehicle until the time your blood or breath sample has been tested, the actions and decisions made by the officer are based off some sort of scientific study.

The Standardized Field Sobriety Tests, also known as the SFST’s, field tests, or roadside sobriety tests, are based on the original study conducted to establish the scientific validity of the field sobriety tests conducted by officers throughout the nation.  Unfortunately, the manner in which these tests were conducted leaves the conclusions drawn from these studies in doubt.  Among the problems with this, and most studies on field sobriety testing, is that there were no control groups, there was not enough diversity in age, and medical conditioning of the test subjects, and the studies themselves were never peer reviewed.  In fact, the original data gathered from these tests have never been made public, nor subjected to independent scientific verification.  There are many medical defense to the SFST’s.

The Illinois Breath Test uses an evidential breath testing device to measure the amount of alcohol in your breath as you exhale.  These devices are susceptible to many challenges including medical, electronic, and others.  If you provided a breath sample you need an Illinois DUI Attorney, such as Mr. Roberts, who is skilled and knowledgable in challenging and testing the evidence that will be used against you.

The Illinois blood test for alcohol is thought by many to be the most reliable chemical test to determine whether you were driving with a BAC of .08 or higher in violation of Illinois DUI law.  In fact, more and more Illinois DUI attorneys are finding that the testing process used to test your blood after a DUI in Illinois arrest are contaminated by unclear, or improperly cleaned testing machines, improper collection, transportation or storage techniques, or improper lab procedures.  In fact, several states are finding that the labs that perform these analysis are poorly managed, and technicians in some cases have been found to falsify evidence in order to handle their workloads.

It takes knowledge to skillfully defend a DUI in Illinois charge.  Illinois DUI Attorney Brian Roberts is knowledgable and skilled in carefully examining the evidence that will be used against you in an Illinois DUI case.  Contact him right now for a confidential case evaluation.