Suspension vs. Revocation

Suspension vs. Revocation

An Illinois DUI license suspension will create at least a short term inconvenience to your life, but an Illinois DUI license revocation will create a long term complication to your ability to hold a meaningful job, socialize, and perform daily tasks that require you drive.  Our Illinois DUI attorneys stand by ready to help you keep your driver’s license after an IL DUI arrest.

Illinois law, like all other states, treat driving as a privilege, not a right.  If you fall outside the graces of the State of Illinois they can and will suspend or revoke your driving privileges within the State of Illinois.  If you have an Illinois license you will not be able to get a license in another state until your suspension or revocation is removed from your Illinois license.  If you are licensed in another state and are suspended or revoked in Illinois, your home state will likely suspend or revoke your license until you are reinstated in Illinois.

Illinois DUI law mandates that your driver’s license be suspended or revoked after an arrest for an IL DUI and either a blood test of .08 BAC or higher, or a refusal to submit to a chemical test to determine the alcohol concentration of your blood.

Whether your license is suspended or revoked, you can apply to get a limited driver’s license if you meet certain conditions.  Generally, those conditions are that you:

Have a job, are in school, or need medical treatment; AND

You have to drive to do any of these three things.

If you are granted a limited driver’s license you will only be permitted to drive during certain hours, as well as in certain areas or routes.  You will not be allowed to drive where ever you want to go, whenever you wish to go there.  If you are stopped outside of these hours or areas your limited driving privileges will be revoked, and you will likely not be granted another limited driver’s license.

When you are arrested for an Illinois DUI you will face either a driver’s license suspension or revocation depending on your prior driving record, and other factors.  You only have a limited time to appeal this suspension or revocation.  Contact Carbondale, IL DUI Attorney Brian Roberts right now for a free consultation to learn how we can help you.  You can contact us by phone, or by filling out the Contact Us form right now!